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What is a share of meat?

A Beef Share (either a whole, half or quarter) is the traditional way cattle ranchers sold directly to neighbors - and the tradition continues. With a Beef Share you enjoy convenience, savings, and quality beef from our family to yours.

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How do beef shares work?

Raising a single cow to the proper market weight can take up to 2 years. Our beef is pasture-raised, grain-finished with year-round availability. When a beef share is purchased, you are buying a quarter (or half or whole) of a live cow, and the deposit is applied to the total cost of the butchered beef share. Orders are typically ready with a 2-4 week lead time, depending on season, cattle availability, scheduling queue, and other related factors.


A beef share is a discounted bundle of beef, conveniently vacuum-packaged in retail-sized portions, and ready for your freezer. We vacuum seal beef prior to being flash frozen. Both of which are best practices used to retain the highest quality and taste of meat. If you're wondering why flash frozen is higher quality than "fresh", you can read more about that at - Fresh or Flash Frozen.

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How it works? How it works?  How it works? How it works? How it works? How it works? 


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Whether you want a quarter, half, or whole beef. Do beef shares work?

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When your share is ready! Once you receive the call, we’ll discuss pickup arrangements at the American Heritage Meat Processing facility, located at:


19974 NS 411 RD, Nowata, OK 74048. It will be conveniently boxed for easy transportation in almost any vehicle. 

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A basic form with details on the core cuts of your selection options.


Don’t worry if this is something you have not done before; we are happy to walk you through and complete the form together!

(You can contact us at 918-273-2333 to discuss – let’s chat😊!) Choosing the cuts of meat and package sizes that fit your family is one of the many advantages of ordering a share of custom beef.  Or, if you prefer email, here’s

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4. Enjoy

Your delicious beef.


  • One can expect to receive your custom beef share order within two to four weeks following the request and deposit placement.

  • One can choose a standard 14 to a complimentary 21 day hanging for the dry aging selection.

  • At harvest, you will receive an invoice based on the weight of the shared desired. Processing of the animal is included in the price per pounds of the share.

  • The price for a quarter beef is often in a $1200 range; $2500 for half share; and often around $4000 for a full beef.

How it works? How it works?  How it works? How it works? How it works? How it works? 

What Cuts Do I Get When I Order a beef share?

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A standard cut is typically about half steaks and roasts, and half stew and ground.

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Want to know who much freezer capacity each requires?

Download our free guide below!

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